Losing Weight: The Best Weight Loss Methods

Paul Sanders

29th May 2015

Many are in search of the best weight loss technique and many have provided solutions. There are methods that often make you hungry and unsatisfied. Still others take forever for the results to be seen. The most effective fat loss methods are those that incorporate a healthy well balanced diet and exercise, these will give the best results. So what are the best ways methods for weight loss? Read on.

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  • Keep a food diary. Studies show that when you write down what you eat for a week you end up eating 15 percent less food. It is likely it is because you hold yourself responsible for everything you eat. Having a journal also helps guide dieters to track their diet and turn to the best healthy choices.
  • Eat fewer bites of your meal. Cut off some of your daily meal. One less treat or one less glass of orange juice. Doing so is enough to prevent you from gaining the extra two pounds that most people mindlessly put on.
  • Watch what you buy. Avoid buying anything with sugar, fructose, or corn syrup on the top of the ingredients label. It is best to find another version of the food with less sugar. Partially hydrogenated foods are also a big NO. A short list of ingredients can only mean fewer flavor enhancers and empty calories. Look for food that fits that description.
  • Lift weights 3 times per week. Doing a warm-up, lifting weights, and then stretching. This will burn a few calories and inhibit your metabolism from slowing down. Cardio workouts like jogging, running, walking or swimming are another option for those who are not fond of lifting weights and can lead to improving your weight loss to give the best results.
  • Eat protein, fat, and vegetables. A protein source, a fat source, and low-carb vegetables should be included in all your meals. With the construction of your meal like this, you will be able to bring your carb intake to the recommended range of 20-50 grams per day.Some of the best weight loss programs out there advocate this.
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  • Cut back on sugar and starches. These foods stimulate secretion of insulin that is the main fat storage hormone of the body. When it goes down, the fat stores get out easily which will end up with our body burning fats instead of carbs. Removing sugar and starches will lower your insulin levels, kill your appetite, and most of all, make you lose weight without hunger. This will help give the best fat loss results for your diet.
  • Put less food out. The more you have in front of you the more you want to eat regardless of how hungry you feel. Instead of using regular sized plates and glasses, stick to a few sizes smaller.
  • Eat most of your meals at home. When you eat out you tend to eat more than when you have your meal at home. Also, you cannot control the serving offered in restaurants not to mention them served in larger plates.
  • Avoid white foods. White rice, spaghetti, sandwich rolls are all white foods you should avoid if you do not want bloating around your belly. It can also inflict disorder on your blood sugar which can lead to weight gain. However whole grain bread and brown rice does the opposite. Two daily whole grains mean you are likely to see a greater weight loss than people who eat the white stuff.
  • Choose fresh fruit instead of fruit juice. The best weight loss foods are whole foods. They will keep you satisfied longer than a box of juice. By eating an apple or orange, you’ll eat less overall compared to when you are drinking fruit juice.
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  • Brush your teeth after every meal. The minty and clean freshness will signal to your body that mealtime is over.
  • Eat water-rich foods. Eating water-rich foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini during meals reduces your calorie consumption. Soups and salads are also considered as water-rich. Drinking water doesn’t register a sense of fullness. The body processes hunger and thirst differently.
  • Drink mainly water. Most liquids trick your body into retaining water. Each serving that contains about 100 calories doesn’t satisfy you the way 100 calories food does. On the other hand, water has zero calories and carbs with little or no sodium. It is the perfect slim-down drink for it helps flush out excess water weight and push-start your metabolism. You can also add lemon wedges or mint leaves if you find plain water too boring.
  • Do squat and sit ups. This technique adds definition to muscles. Doing three sets of 12 of each exercise tightens your abs, butt, and legs.

The given tips and methods above are the combination of exercise and healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to go hard on yourself in the gym that is not the only thing that matters. What you eat combined with exercise best for you will be the key to an effective weight loss.


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