Choosing A Balanced Diet for Women

Sally Field

7th September 2015

Women have different daily nutritional requirements to men. There are simple rules to follow but first let us have a guide on how much we are suppose to take every day to develop a balanced diet for women through this general guide:


Men                           Women

Energy (kcal)                2500                            2000

Protein (g)                     55                               45

Carbohydrates (g)          300                              230

Sugar (g)                      120                               90

Fat (g)                           95                               70

Saturates (g)                  30                               20

Fibre (g)                        24                                24

Salt (g)                           6                                  6

There should also be perfect potions. Here is a handy guide to finding the right serving size:

The Portion Size

Foods                                                                 Portion Size

Carbohydrate like cereal/rice/pasta/potato           the clenched of a fist

Proteins like meat/ poultry/ fish                         palm of the hand

Savouries like popcorn/crisps                             2 of your cupped hands

Bakes like brownies(flap jacks)                          2 of the fingers

Butter and spreads                                          the tip of the thumb

Breakfast –

Whatever you do never skip breakfast as this would set the blood sugar off on a roller coaster which means you will end choosing the wrong food later in the day. Kick the metabolism by including protein at breakfast. Choose from eggs, salmon, lean ham, or low fat dairy. Calories are easy to burn digesting protein rather than carbohydrates. So by making a protein breakfast it will be revving up the metabolism and because protein food it keeps you fuller for longer one has to eat fewer calories the rest of the day. It is easy to do protein breakfast. Just top the morning trait with scrambled egg, a slice of smoked salmon or some lean ham.

Suggested recipe for breakfast:

Scrambled omelette toast topper

One pan summer eggs

Flash fried smoked salmon and egg bagel

Full English frittata with smoky beans

Smoked salmon and mascarpone tortilla

Mid – Morning Snack –

The ideal way to manage the blood sugar levels is by eating little and often. But this does not mean you will eat more but instead spread your day’s intake evenly throughout the day. Oatcakes spread with peanut or almond nut butter and a banana.


Lunch –

Make the lunch rich in lean protein and starchy carbohydrates. Food rich in carbohydrates supplies energy. Without it one will suffer that classic mid-afternoon slump. Carbohydrates that produce a steady rise in blood sugar would be best. Which means going for high fibre whole grain could help those afternoon munchies.

Suggested lunch recipes:

Open mackerel sandwich with fennel slaw

Open chicken Caesar sandwich

Open cottage cheese and pepper sandwich

Salmon and chive bagel topper


What is best would be fruit. A handful of dried fruit combined with unsalted nuts or seeds provide protein and healthy fats to keep one satisfied till supper. Between chocolate or cereal bar against a handful of dried apple rings with a few almonds or walnuts one might as well choose a handful of dried apple rings with a few almond or walnuts. If one has an exercise class or a gym session planned for the afternoon dried fruit would be best because it is four times as sweet as its fresh equivalent It could energize a person. Stock low calorie nibbles to prevent one from reaching for a biscuit when one sometimes likes something sweet or crunchy.

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